Hey guys, it's Sarah and welcome to a thingthat I am calling “Sarah sits on the floor drinking coffee while talking about anything”.




it's a working title.

Basically I asked on Twitter if you wouldlike to see me talk about anything in particular and I got a lot of suggestions but in particularI noticed a trend – a lot of you wanted me to talk about uni and being a vet student.

So I thought it was only fitting because it is the middle of finals I talk about my experiencesbeing a vet student, so I would like to thank Michael Noker, Jenna Storms, HonestlyKarenand The Fake Brit for all of their suggestions, their links will be in the description.

This is unscripted, I haven't thought aboutwhat I wanna say, I'm just going to read out everyone's suggestions and I'm just gonnaanswer them because this is gonna be a chill little chat drinking a coffee.

Michael Noker suggested I talk about whatinspired me to be a veterinarian, have I always wanted to do that, if not, what else did Iwant to do? Alright.

What inspired me to be a veterinarianwas just a general love of animals, I- as long as I can remember I wanted to be a vetwhich is pretty cliche, but it's pretty common amongst my year group, a lot of us have justwanted to be it since we were little tiny little babies.

I remember when I was.



five?Five? Yeah.

So I would say I've always wanted to do it, my focus changed throughout highschool because I discovered I didn't really like science but then I discovered that Ididn't wanna do anything else with my life so I thought “lets put up with the science”.

Other careers that I had actually considered was being a graphic designer, I wanted tobe a child care teacher at one stage.

Jenna Storms wants me to talk about animals.



I wish I could have pets here.

And unfortunately uni doesn't have cats and dogs that I canplay with.

It's a bit hard to cuddle a sheep, not that they'd let us do that anyway.

Karen wants to know weird things that havehappened to me as a vet major.



I'm literally just so desensitized to everything.

What'sweird? I don't know what's weird anymore.

Like this semester I literally had my armup a cow's butt and I think that's perfectly normal.

You can only see so many picturesof like inflamed livers and inflamed lungs before it just becomes pretty normal, which is quitea weird thought to have.

In my time as a vet major, I have done manymany many things but I think the most notable “weird” things would be like tipping sheepwhich is where if sheep like sit up like a normal human they are actually like completelypowerless, they can't move.

I've taken blood from goats, I've taken blood from chickens, I've taken blood from cows, and those are all terrifying experiences.

I spent two weekson an alpaca farm which I think is cool, other people think it's strange.

And yeah, I'vestuck my arm up a lot of cows, I've stuck my arm up a lot of horses.

And The Fake Brit wants to know somethingabout your field of study, like your favourite thing about vet science or something you thinkeveryone should know.

My favourite thing about vet science is probably the people.

We allknow how shitty this degree is, nearly literally, and we all understand it, when no one elseunderstands how difficult it is.

We have like a really cool bond with our lecturers becausethey don't really teach anything else apart from vet so we are the- like, they becomereally close with their students and it's pretty cool, we've been drinking at a pubwith some lecturers before.

If you are wanting to go into vet science, don't be surprised if from high school you go from being like top of your class to university, like.




Because that's what happened.

It's very important to note that it's notall playing with animals, it's a lot of studying and sitting in a classroom listening to lectures.

It's not cute, cuddly animals.



all the time.



at all.

At all.

It's not easy, hopefully it'll be worth it, although I'm gonna graduate and be paid likeshit all compared to doctors.



even though we do more than a regular doctor does.

This may become a regular thing if I can thinkof a title for this.

Maybe like once a month, maybe? So, if you'd like to leave a suggestionof what I could talk about next time in the comments below that would be fantastic.

Um, I hope I pass my finals, because my lastexam was yesterday aaaand I will see you next week.

Bye! I'm 20 years old now.

But did I celebrateit? Hell no.

You see, my parents were gracious enough to birth me in the MIDDLE OF FINALSWEEK.

Now I have to study.



god dammit.